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  • Resources

    • Professional Development Toolkit

    • Standard Assessment Inventory (SAI)

    • Suicide and Prevention Toolkit

    • Reading First

    • STEM Foundations

      ADE, in partnership with Teacher Created Materials and AETN and ArkansasIDEAS, has developed an evidence-based classroom STEM education resource program to support educators in K-12 classrooms. These resources specifically focus on classroom-level instructional strategies, materials, and assessments. This program will directly assist teachers in learning practical, standards-based strategies that support the seven STEM Foundations.

    • Computer Science Initiative


      This video is for use in K-12 institutional settings, classes, and trainings only. It may be screened in these settings for group or individual professional development. It also may be screened for K-12 students for educational purposes.

      NOTICE: This video MAY NOT be streamed outside of the ArkansasIDEAS LMS platform, recorded, or rebroadcast via other online and/or digital means. This video MAY NOT be used in college and/or university programs or at college and/or university facilities. Post-secondary programs wanting to screen this video should contact Women Make Movies to purchase the Unsung Women of Computing collection of The Computers, The Coders, and The Future Makers videos.

      These videos are being provided by the Arkansas Department of Education Office of Computer Science. To inquire about additional in-state screening opportunities, please contact the office at 501-682-4475.

      Arkansas Computer Science Implementation for 2017-18
    • Career and Technical Education

    • Facilitated Training Resources

      The resources on this page are for PD facilitators and school administrators who would like to use ArkansasIDEAS video segments within local face-to-face PD sessions.